BellaMichelle Skincare for Your Lifestyle

  Boni Ray Chaney has been working in the skincare industry for over twenty five years, during which time she gained knowledge in all aspects of skin health science. Once graduating with her Masters in Aesthetics she continued her education with many post graduate studies which has kept her on the cutting edge of the skin and how it works.

  Pursuing her career further, doing a four year apprenticeship in Plastic Surgery; Boni Ray feels confident in her ability to provide her clients with the best possible salutations to reach their anti-aging goals.

  As a skincare specialist, Boni Ray feels that educating the client on their skincare is one of the most important aspects of her career. Not everyone has the same skin type so you can’t treat it the same. Knowing a clients skin type while educating her about her skin and how it works is key to building a strong relationship between client and Esthetician.

  As a skincare therapist, business owner, educator, and product developer, Boni continues to be passionate about the needs and concerns of her client base . Boni believes every woman deserves to look, feel and be their best through every phase of her life's journey.


Founder & Owner of BellaMichelle Skincare